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Setting up commercial buildings for your business operations is costly and time-consuming. Because of this, more and more companies are seeking alternatives that would cut down expenses and production time without compromising the quality of their commercial buildings. For nearly 120 years, Butler buildings have been an innovative solution to this architectural headache.

MGM Construction is a proud partner and supplier of Butler buildings in the growing industrial market. We take pride in the highly flexible capacities of our products that are engineered to perform better when compared to standard building types. This article will highlight Butler metal buildings from MGM Construction and why you should consider partnering with us in future construction projects.

What Is a Butler Building?

Butler buildings are pre-engineered steel or metal buildings that use high-quality roofing, structural, and insulating materials. These features help deliver versatile and durable metal-building solutions. As a result, Butler buildings gained immense popularity in the industry as they became a logical choice for commercial building owners. They prefer Butler metal buildings for their industrial needs because of their faster turnaround time, cost-effectiveness, architectural appeal, and environmental friendliness.

Butler Buildings From MGM

With our 30 years of experience as a construction corporation, we have catered to over 3,000 completed commercial, institutional, and industrial construction jobs in Northwest Pennsylvania. This background has equipped our team with the appropriate knowledge and capabilities to provide you with finished products that fit your demands and liking.

Our Butler metal buildings have been known for their sustainable design, proper aesthetics, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, safety, and security. Moreover, we are committed to only offering our partners and customers the best products.

Steel Butler buildings present substantial gains to those who install them for their commercial buildings. Apart from their exceptional quality, they can also be affordably built with limitless design options.

Below are Butler products you may want to build your subsequent projects with:

Butler Express Mezz™ System

If you are looking for an easier and fast installation, the Butler Express Mezz™ System is perfect for you. This option does not require welding for all Express Mezz parts, which decreases installation time and effort. It is best used for office spaces and storage facilities because its flexibility will meet your business needs.

Roof Systems

Roofs are essential to any commercial establishment as they protect those inside the facility. Butler buildings are efficient solutions for your roofing needs due to the proven performance and longevity of their weathertight roofing systems. They not only stand the test of time and environmental exposures but also offer versatility and a variety of sizes to satisfy your roofing demands.

Wall Systems

Wall systems in Butler buildings are engineered to complement their structural systems. Hence, they offer various designs and styles you can choose from, depending on your building needs and preferences. Subsequently, wall systems are installed fast and accurately, so you do not have to worry about long turnarounds.

The following are the wall system options in Butler buildings:

Structural Systems

Butler buildings efficiently use steel functions to provide endless flexibility in their structural systems. Due to this, Butler structural systems can accommodate a variety of building widths, heights, roof slopes, and exterior finish requirements.

Here are structural systems to choose from in Butler buildings:

Conventional and Hybrid

Butler conventional steel buildings are ideal for multi-story heavy industrial, retail, or complex structures that use conventional mill steel, girders, bar joist, and deck. In addition, this product allows you to cut installation time and costs due to its simplified bolt connections.

Meanwhile, Butler hybrid buildings could be any shape or design you want to install in your commercial space. Although highly customizable, the product performs incredibly, even at a lower cost.

Contact MGM Construction for Your Butler Building Needs

We at MGM Construction have proven our expertise in Butler metal and steel buildings. Our partnership with Butler allows us to distribute a large number of resources and products that are of second quality to none!

Contact us to know more about our offering or request a quote for your construction needs.

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