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How Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Can Accelerate Warehouse Construction

Large warehouses, like Rome, aren’t built in a day. Often, many customers realize they need more floor space, for production or even just storage, when their businesses have expanded enough to strain their current locations.

How can you get accurate warehouse construction quickly? How can you craft a building for your particular needs in any reasonable amount of time?

Building a warehouse takes a lot of time and effort, but businesses must get their business operations up and running to meet customer needs. In these situations, we suggest metal building systems for their customization and quick completion times.

Stay with us, and we’ll help you explore how you can get the space you need quickly and safely with a PEMB, or Pre-engineered metal building.

What are Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB)?

PEMBs are steel structures made in a factory and assembled on-site. They come with everything needed, such as framing, roof and wall panels, plus extras like doors and windows. You can tweak PEMBs to fit your project’s needs, from size and shape to how they look.

With a Butler Builder, like MGM General Construction, you get access to well-tested building systems and a full range of components to craft a unique, energy-efficient, and quickly constructed PEMB.

Faster Construction Time

PEMBs can help you build warehouses faster than other methods. That’s because PEMBs are made in a factory, where they are cut, drilled, welded, and painted accurately. This means our teams don’t have to do these things on the site, which can save you time and money.

PEMBs arrive on your worksite in the order they should be constructed. Once shipments are verified for accuracy and complete parts, we arrange the worksite so our crews have what they need, where they need it, and can swiftly and accurately erect your steel building.

Better Design Efficiency

One of the greatest things about PEMBs is their designs are flexible and efficient.

They’re made up of standardized systems that can be mixed and matched to fit different needs. You can customize them in many ways, like changing their size, shape, or layout. Plus, they’re built to handle various conditions, like strong winds or heavy snow.

PEMBs are also designed using fancy computer programs that make them strong but use less material. That means they’re lighter, cheaper to put up, and last longer than regular buildings. With fewer repairs, they’re a smart choice for the long run.

Increased Sustainability

PEMBs are also an eco-friendly choice for warehouse construction. They’re made from steel, one of the world’s most recycled materials. Steel can be reused and recycled endlessly without losing its strength and quality. This reduces the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of new steel production.

Additionally, PEMBs can incorporate various green features, such as insulation, ventilation, skylights, solar panels, and rainwater harvesting systems. These can improve the warehouses’ thermal efficiency and indoor air quality and reduce operating costs and carbon footprints. PEMBs can be easily dismantled and relocated, reducing waste generation and land use impact.

How Do You Choose the Right PEMBs for Your Warehouse Project?

Choosing the right PEMB for your warehouse project is crucial to ensuring that it meets your needs and expectations. There are several factors that you should consider before making a decision, such as:

  • The size and shape of your warehouse
  • The type and quantity of goods that you need to store
  • The loading and unloading requirements
  • The climate and weather conditions of your location
  • The local building codes and regulations
  • The aesthetic and functional preferences

You should also consult a reputable and experienced PEMB provider who can guide you through the process and offer you the best solution for your warehouse project. For example, MGM Construction is a Butler Builder®, and part of Butler Manufacturing’s™ extensive network of trusted, educated, and experienced steel building contractors.

PEMBs are a smart and innovative solution for warehouse construction. They can speed up the project completion, improve the design efficiency, and increase the sustainability of the buildings. They can also meet the diverse and dynamic needs of the warehousing industry and provide a competitive edge to businesses.

MGM General Construction Corporation is your ultimate choice for a dependable and seasoned collaborator in your warehouse development endeavor. Contact us today to get a free quote and consultation.

Embracing the Elements: Recreational Spaces with Metal Building Systems

Outdoor activities are becoming more and more popular in the US, with the sector having a 4.8% growth in 2022. This increase has led to the growth of indoor and outdoor recreational spaces. In this landscape of evolving recreation, the construction of these spaces becomes a pivotal element in shaping individual and community experiences.

Here’s a look at why metal buildings can be the perfect choice for building recreation spaces across a wide variety of industries.

The Power of Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are not only renowned for their resilience but also their malleability, which enables the construction of diverse recreational structures for many different businesses.

From pavilions to covered playgrounds, the applications of metal buildings are boundless. Pre-engineered metal buildings are becoming the preferred choice for these structures because they provide a range of benefits:

  • Design Flexibility: From soaring arches to intricate cladding and airy trusses, metal buildings offer a canvas for architects and designers to bring their vision to life. All of these design options can create a sense of openness. With clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, metal buildings can also seamlessly blend with the natural environment. This can enhance the overall experience for your customers and clients.
  • Unmatched Durability: Metal buildings stand firm against the elements, weathering storms, the sun, and even the occasional accidental collision. This translates to lower maintenance costs and ensures your recreational space remains resilient for years.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike traditional wood or brick structures, metal buildings require minimal upkeep. Their inherent resistance to rot, corrosion, and pests means less repair time. By keeping the recreational space open and functional longer, you can also increase the profit margins of the space.
  • Sustainability and Cost-Effectiveness: There is a growing emphasis on environmentally conscious construction practices. Metal buildings offer a sustainable alternative due to their recyclability and potential for energy efficiency. Moreover, metal buildings contribute to long-term cost savings, making them an economically favorable choice.
  • Faster Construction: The prefabricated components of PEMB facilitate faster installation, reducing downtime and minimizing disruptions to the surrounding community. A shorter construction time also means lower labor costs and overall project expenses.

Perfect for All Recreational Spaces

Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) are the powerhouses behind open-air and indoor recreational spaces. Metal structures can be perfect for:

  1. Community Pavilions: Whether it’s a bustling farmers’ market, a lively summer concert, or a tranquil yoga session, these structures offer the flexibility to adapt to diverse community needs. The soaring arches and airy trusses create a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging shared experiences.
  2. Covered Playgrounds: The malleability of metal allows for creating safe, imaginative play spaces. From colorful designs to interactive features, these structures foster a sense of wonder while ensuring the safety and longevity of the play area.
  3. Picnic Pavilions: Picnic areas become inviting havens under the shelter of PEMB-crafted pavilions. Families and friends can gather, share meals, and create lasting memories in a space that combines the beauty of the outdoors with the strength of metal.
  4. Trampoline Parks: The design flexibility of metal buildings allows for vast, open spaces where enthusiasts can soar and flip. You can create tall ceilings with ample clearance for jumps, while the steel frame’s strength ensures participants’ safety.
  5. Equestrian Centers: Metal structures provide the perfect frame for spacious, well-ventilated arenas where horses and riders can move freely. The open-air design allows for natural light and ventilation, creating a healthy and comfortable environment.

PEMB’s inherent durability and design flexibility make them ideal for various recreational spaces. However, choosing the right partner is vital to reap the most benefits. MGM General Construction Corporation can work with you to understand and turn your vision into reality. With years of construction experience, our team can offer full-service pre-engineered metal building solutions.

Also, as a Butler Builder®, we’re part of the network of America’s best Pre-engineered metal building contractors and designers. Organized by industry leader Butler Manufacturing™, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and use the latest technology and innovation to create the most efficient building we can with the highest value components.


Contact us today to learn more!

Critical Infrastructure: The Role of Metal Buildings in Data Center Projects

Finding the most efficient building for a data center project is easier than ever thanks to Pre-engineered metal buildings, or “PEMBs.”

Data centers are essential in today’s modern world, as most businesses use some form of cloud computing for important processes. Data centers support our digital economy, providing access to critical services, including services for healthcare and government organizations.

As the demand for data center capacity continues to grow, clients begin to explore efficient and secure construction options. Metal buildings, particularly pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs), have emerged as a popular choice, in large part due to their reliability and energy-efficient options.

Let’s discuss other reasons you should consider a metal building for your next data center project.

Rapid Project Delivery

When it comes to data center construction, time is of the essence. Metal buildings are pre-engineered in a factory-controlled environment. This allows for a faster and more efficient construction process. Metal components can be shipped to the construction site and assembled quickly, minimizing disruption.

A pre-engineered modular building can be erected 20% to 50% faster, according to data from McKinsey & Co. A PEMB can be finished within weeks, compared to months or even years, for a traditional concrete structure. This can save data center operators millions of dollars in construction costs and lost revenue.

Flexibility for Future Expansion

Data centers must be adaptable to accommodate future growth and evolving technological requirements. Metal buildings provide the flexibility necessary to meet these demands. Their modular design allows for easy expansion or reconfiguration with additional server racks, equipment, or infrastructure.

This scalability enables data center operators to respond swiftly to increasing capacity needs without significant disruptions to ongoing operations. On the other hand, traditional construction methods can be costly and time-consuming to modify.

Meeting High Efficiency and Security Requirements

Data centers must meet the most stringent energy efficiency and security standards. Metal buildings excel in meeting these requirements. Steel, the primary construction material used, boasts an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. This makes it an ideal choice for constructing secure data centers. Steel structures can protect against external threats like fire, extreme weather conditions, and unauthorized access.

High-performance materials can be used as insulation in PEMB data centers to reduce energy consumption and operating costs. Energy-efficient lighting, advanced HVAC systems, and reflective roofing materials are commonly integrated into metal buildings, enhancing energy efficiency. These features can also reduce the overall operational costs for the data center.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

In today’s eco-conscious world, sustainability is a crucial consideration for any construction project. Steel is a highly recyclable material, which reduces the environmental impact associated with traditional construction. This not only reduces the demand for raw materials but also minimizes the environmental footprint of data center construction.

The modular nature of metal buildings also allows for precise control over resource utilization, minimizing waste during the construction process. PEMB data centers can also incorporate renewable energy sources like solar panels to reduce their reliance on conventional energy grids.

If you are planning a data center construction project, a metal building is the right choice. You can partner with a professional construction firm experienced in PEMB installations to ensure a seamless and efficient process.

MGM General Construction Corporation is a full-service construction company that excels in prefabricated metal construction. In fact, we’re a Butler Builder®. We’re part of the network organized by industry leader Butler Manufacturing™, so our clients take advantage of the latest technology and innovation to create the most efficient building we can with the highest value components. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs!

Why the Butler® Building System May Be the Right Choice for Your Next Commercial Project

Butler® building systems have become increasingly popular as a cost-effective and durable option for commercial and industrial construction projects in recent years. They are designed to be flexible, allowing for easy expansion or reconfiguration of the building in the future. As a result, many companies and organizations find this a worthwhile investment for their applications.

This article will explore the key advantages of Butler® building systems and why they may be the optimal choice for your upcoming construction project.

Top Benefits of a Butler® Building System

Here are some reasons a Butler® building system can be the right choice for your next project:


Butler® building systems are made from high-quality materials, such as structural steel and metal panels. They are built to survive extreme weather conditions and big loads, making them perfect for disaster-prone locations.

Furthermore, Butler®’s pre-engineered steel and metal products are long-lasting and robust rust- and corrosion-resistant materials. These make it easy to maintain and keep your building in excellent condition.


Due to its flexibility, Butler® systems can be customized to suit the project’s specific needs, including the size, layout, and aesthetic design. As a result, the building can be designed to meet the unique requirements of each project, whether it is a warehouse, manufacturing facility, retail space, school, office building, or recreational facility.


Butler® building systems are pre-engineered; they are fabricated off-site and assembled on-site. This construction approach can significantly reduce the project’s overall cost, as it eliminates the need for costly on-site fabrication and reduces the time required for construction.


Systems by Butler® are compatible with various foundations — including concrete slabs, crawl spaces, and pile foundations. This makes it easy to adapt to different types of soils and site conditions. The Butler® building system is also popular for retrofitting and renovating existing buildings, as it can be designed to integrate seamlessly with existing structures.


Butler® buildings are designed with energy efficiency in mind. This system has features such as high-efficiency HVAC systems, insulation, and lighting. These fittings help reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs, and minimize the building’s carbon footprint. Using sustainable materials and the building’s energy efficiency makes it a smart choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Quick Construction

Pre-engineered buildings can be built quickly and efficiently. Additionally, because the design and engineering have already been done, the construction process can proceed with minimal delays.

Trust in the Quality of Butler® Building Systems by MGM Construction

MGM Construction is your go-to provider and dealer for high-quality, durable, and sustainable Butler® building systems! With our integrity-based full-service general construction, you can trust that your project will be completed on time and within budget. Our team of experts will work with you to construct a custom-fit solution that meets the unique needs of your business.

Contact us today, and let us showcase our expertise in Butler® building systems and other construction services to help your business grow!

How Much Does an MGM Construction Butler Building Cost?

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MGM General Construction Corporation is a full-service general contracting company in Northwest, PA. As a proud Butler Builder, we provide our clients with high-quality, pre-engineered metal building solutions for single-story, multi-story, and industrial structures.

What Is the Butler Building System?

The Butler Building System is a construction engineering solution ideal for high-end and massive constructions, such as commercial facilities, high-rise buildings, and multiple-building complexes. It offers a faster, safer, more affordable, and more architecturally aesthetic building solution than traditional construction practices.

This building solution provides high-performing roof structures, metal walls, flooring systems, structural components, and insulating systems that are delivered complete or assembled onsite. In addition, it comes with pre-engineered metal building system integration and structural design support for large complexes.

How Much Does a Butler Building Cost?

There are many factors to consider before attaching a price tag to the investment cost for Butler Building Systems. For instance, energy efficiency and longer lifespan directly affect the cost of owning metal Butler buildings.

These factors include the following:

Total Cost of Ownership

Steel construction manufacturing costs constantly change; the same is true with the Butler pre-engineered building solution. Thus, many factors go into the total ownership cost, such as longevity, usefulness, warranties, and brand prestige. However, you can consult MGM Construction to determine a more concrete breakdown of the total cost of owning Butler Building Systems.

Energy Efficiency

The common ROI is six to one for every dollar spent on energy efficiency and code compliance. Various energy-efficient roof and wall systems that can meet and exceed these numbers are available from MGM Butler Buildings.

Butler Manufacturing’s roofing solutions can lower roof temperatures and require 30% less energy to cool down a structure. In addition, cool roofs reduce the heat island effect, which raises the relative temperatures in metropolitan areas.

Maintenance Costs

Up to 90% of a building’s total cost is incurred after construction. Thus, selecting alternatives with long lifespans and low maintenance requirements can greatly impact future budgets.

The maintenance needed for steel Butler Buildings is minimal to nonexistent. In contrast to standard roof materials, the MR-24® roof system can extend roof lifespan by up to two times and cut maintenance expenses by 90%.

For the Butler system’s painted roof panels, wall panels, and trimmings, a warranty against blistering, peeling, cracking, and chipping is also available.

Replacement Costs

Similar to the cost of acquiring a complete Butler system, the specific amount for maintenance and replacement parts vary depending on the steel and metal price. MGM Construction can provide quotes and estimates for genuine replacement parts and accessories for your business’s specific butler system.

Cost-Effective Building Solutions From MGM Construction

With 30 years of experience in the construction industry, MGM Construction continues to provide sustainable, accessible, safe, and cost-effective Butler metal buildings in the Northwest regions.

We combine practical experience with traditional textbook design to provide the best value service, including assistance with financial planning for your construction project and engineering solutions. In addition, we design with cost segmentation in mind to help our clients get their money’s worth with Building Butler Systems.

Our partnership with Butler Manufacturing offers a vast pool of products, personnel, and engineering expertise. Contact us today or request a quote on our Butler System and other services!

What Is a Butler Building From MGM Construction?

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Setting up commercial buildings for your business operations is costly and time-consuming. Because of this, more and more companies are seeking alternatives that would cut down expenses and production time without compromising the quality of their commercial buildings. For nearly 120 years, Butler buildings have been an innovative solution to this architectural headache.

MGM Construction is a proud partner and supplier of Butler buildings in the growing industrial market. We take pride in the highly flexible capacities of our products that are engineered to perform better when compared to standard building types. This article will highlight Butler metal buildings from MGM Construction and why you should consider partnering with us in future construction projects.

What Is a Butler Building?

Butler buildings are pre-engineered steel or metal buildings that use high-quality roofing, structural, and insulating materials. These features help deliver versatile and durable metal-building solutions. As a result, Butler buildings gained immense popularity in the industry as they became a logical choice for commercial building owners. They prefer Butler metal buildings for their industrial needs because of their faster turnaround time, cost-effectiveness, architectural appeal, and environmental friendliness.

Butler Buildings From MGM

With our 30 years of experience as a construction corporation, we have catered to over 3,000 completed commercial, institutional, and industrial construction jobs in Northwest Pennsylvania. This background has equipped our team with the appropriate knowledge and capabilities to provide you with finished products that fit your demands and liking.

Our Butler metal buildings have been known for their sustainable design, proper aesthetics, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, safety, and security. Moreover, we are committed to only offering our partners and customers the best products.

Steel Butler buildings present substantial gains to those who install them for their commercial buildings. Apart from their exceptional quality, they can also be affordably built with limitless design options.

Below are Butler products you may want to build your subsequent projects with:

Butler Express Mezz™ System

If you are looking for an easier and fast installation, the Butler Express Mezz™ System is perfect for you. This option does not require welding for all Express Mezz parts, which decreases installation time and effort. It is best used for office spaces and storage facilities because its flexibility will meet your business needs.

Roof Systems

Roofs are essential to any commercial establishment as they protect those inside the facility. Butler buildings are efficient solutions for your roofing needs due to the proven performance and longevity of their weathertight roofing systems. They not only stand the test of time and environmental exposures but also offer versatility and a variety of sizes to satisfy your roofing demands.

Wall Systems

Wall systems in Butler buildings are engineered to complement their structural systems. Hence, they offer various designs and styles you can choose from, depending on your building needs and preferences. Subsequently, wall systems are installed fast and accurately, so you do not have to worry about long turnarounds.

The following are the wall system options in Butler buildings:

Structural Systems

Butler buildings efficiently use steel functions to provide endless flexibility in their structural systems. Due to this, Butler structural systems can accommodate a variety of building widths, heights, roof slopes, and exterior finish requirements.

Here are structural systems to choose from in Butler buildings:

Conventional and Hybrid

Butler conventional steel buildings are ideal for multi-story heavy industrial, retail, or complex structures that use conventional mill steel, girders, bar joist, and deck. In addition, this product allows you to cut installation time and costs due to its simplified bolt connections.

Meanwhile, Butler hybrid buildings could be any shape or design you want to install in your commercial space. Although highly customizable, the product performs incredibly, even at a lower cost.

Contact MGM Construction for Your Butler Building Needs

We at MGM Construction have proven our expertise in Butler metal and steel buildings. Our partnership with Butler allows us to distribute a large number of resources and products that are of second quality to none!

Contact us to know more about our offering or request a quote for your construction needs.

Benefits Of A Butler Metal Building From MGM Construction

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Beyond having a sophisticated facility that impresses visitors, clients, and employees, a building should be solidly and cleanly constructed to withstand years of use with minimal upkeep.

With MGM Construction, we can assist you in achieving beautiful, pleasant, and suitable facilities that will save you money on maintenance costs. Our metal Butler building services produce pre-engineered buildings using high-quality roofing, insulation, and structural materials to deliver a durable metal building solution.

Here are some reasons to convince you why you should choose MGM Construction to plan, design, and build Butler metal buildings for you!

Proven Building Quality

It is only possible for a structure to be sturdy if its components are of the highest quality and skillfully crafted. The quality and durability of even the most minor building components are enhanced through an inventive approach. It is of the utmost importance to ensure that your facility is engineered especially for its intended use and functions.

Flexible assembly is always a top priority for MGM Construction. We meticulously plan the parts’ design, materials, and construction methods. For example, all roof panels and structural members of the MR-24® roof system were perforated to ensure precise alignment. Other strategies we employ in our construction and roofing services include the following:

  • MR-24 Roof System Clip
  • Staggered Panel Splices
  • Weathertight Seams
  • Kynar 500® And Hylar 5000® Finishes
  • Flexible Ridges
  • Gable Trims
  • Steel Rod Bracing
  • Acrylic-Coated Structurals
  • Butlerib® II Roof And Wall System Fasteners
  • Roof Curb Solution
  • Industry-Leading Warranties

Lifetime Savings

Well-built structures mean fewer problems and costs. With MGM Construction Butler metal buildings, you can get your money back where it belongs—in your pocket. Our energy-efficient building assemblies and durable structures help us achieve this goal. Our roof and wall solutions meet or exceed code requirements for energy efficiency. Using the Butler Guarded Hot Box, an advanced automated data collection system for more precise insulation reading, the U-factor performance of the roof and walls is evaluated.

Additionally, we provide 25-year color treatments that meet energy regulations for “cool roofs” in terms of reflectance and emissivity. These items reduce roof temperatures and cooling energy by 30% and effectively mitigate the urban heat island effect, which contributes to smog.

The customer’s expenses typically do not end once the building has been finished. However, you need not worry about expensive upkeep and repair with MGM Construction. Our painted roof panels, wall panels, and trim have a 25-year warranty against burning, peeling, cracking, and chipping. These products are durable and low-maintenance.

Leading Design Capabilities

The building’s design creates the first impression your customers get of your brand, and MGM Construction recognizes that this can affect how you can effectively retain your customers and staff.

With us, we make every effort to help you obtain the desired Butler metal building appearance. We have the industry’s most complete product line and can adapt building systems to satisfy aesthetic and practical design objectives. Our conventional steel services help us achieve this by offering nearly endless design alternatives. We also have technologies to assist you in picturing your new building early in the planning and decision-making.

Pioneering Innovations

Being innovative is one of the most important things any business should aspire to be to help provide more convenient and quality outputs to its clients. Additionally, innovation benefits the organization, employees, and clients. Progressive ideas and methods boost construction speed, worker safety, building functionality, and installation timelines.

MGM Construction is proud to be the first to market with game-changing technologies like the world’s first weathertight standing-seam metal roof. We are always motivated to produce groundbreaking methods and solutions to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

Research And Development

Being innovative is one of the essential qualities for organizations to strive for, which allows you to provide clients with more convenient and high-quality output. Innovation also benefits the company and its employees, as revolutionary ideas and methods enhance construction speed, worker safety, building functionality, and installation timelines.

We are proud to be the first to introduce the world’s first watertight standing-seam metal roof. Milestones like this constantly motivate us to innovate our output to impress and satisfy our clients to the highest level.

Expertise And Accountabilities

It takes a great team and proven expertise to build the ambitious building or facility you have in mind. At MGM Construction, we ensure you can talk to our trustworthy team members about your needs and requirements for your construction.

Since 1901, we’ve significantly improved our products and processes, which have helped us provide better solutions. Our partnerships and certifications with recognized organizations confirm we operate at the highest ethical, legal, and technical standards.

Build Better Butler Metal Buildings With Us

Your choices during the building design phase will significantly impact your annual operating costs. With MGM Construction, every little detail is meticulously designed and tailored to your specifications. We build your business and industry’s facilities with flexibility, quality, swift service, and accommodation. We ensure you get the best Butler metal building services with MGM Construction. Call us now to discuss your project and get started!


Why Choose a Butler Steel Building

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When designing and creating the perfect commercial building, there are critical characteristics that it should possess. These features include a sustainable design, proper aesthetics, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, safety, and security. Among the different types of commercial buildings, Butler buildings are the best at encompassing these characteristics of an ideal commercial building.

Butler buildings are pre-engineered steel or metal buildings that use high-quality roofing, structural, and insulating materials. These buildings are highly flexible in design and engineered to perform better than other conventional building types. Because of this, Butler buildings are becoming highly sought-after for commercial purposes across different industries.

Advantages of Butler Steel Buildings

From comprehensive design options to progressive building methods, many characteristics give Butler buildings an advantage over other designs. Here are some benefits of picking a Butler steel building for your commercial or industrial applications:

Superior Building Quality

Butler steel buildings are made with high-quality materials. In fact, their roofing systems alone have enough innovative features to put them ahead of other options.

The roof system on a butler steel building is engineered to be as weathertight as possible by using double-lock seams and a factory punching method to ensure proper roof alignment. It also features roof system clips that allow the structure to move freely as the panels expand and contract according to the daily and seasonal temperature changes. Furthermore, it comes with other features, including staggered panel splices, steel rod bracing, Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000® paint finish, and flexible ridges.

In addition, the fabrication process for a Butler steel building ensures its effectiveness and will preserve its value over time.


Butler steel buildings boast excellent energy efficiency and cost-friendly maintenance and replacement. They offer a wide range of sustainable roof and wall systems that achieve outstanding thermal efficiency. Moreover, these buildings also test the roof and wall U-factor assembly using the Butler guarded hot box. This state-of-the-art computerized data acquisition system can collect and provide accurate insulating information.

Butler steel buildings have a selection of 25-year color finishes that meet the reflectance and emittance standards to maintain a cool roof. These roof paint finishes improve cost-efficiency by minimizing the need for a significant budget to cool the building. In addition, these paint finishes lower roof temperatures and mitigates the energy costs for cooling a building by as much as thirty percent.

Maintenance and replacement are more convenient with Butler steel buildings. These buildings have long life cycles thanks to a fantastic roof system and high-quality and durable materials.

Limitless Designs

Butler steel buildings have highly flexible designs achieved through using 3D technology. This technique accurately visualizes the looks in the early stage of production and helps identify the needed adjustments to minimize error and reduce costs during construction and building.

Butler has the most extensive product line in the industry to meet various needs for functional or design purposes.

Innovative Techniques

Butler provides its Butler Builder dealers with digital tools to keep tabs on all building components, order shipments, electronic erection drawings, and the initial design of the building. This helps avoid problems that may arise during the building process. Aside from this, Butler also offers a fall support system to provide better worker safety and a streamlined construction method that saves time and minimizes labor costs.

Butler steel buildings allow floor space to be maximized by developing a structural system that can achieve extended bay sizes up to 60 feet. This prevents interior columns from getting in the way, increasing the usable floor space.

Rich R&D

One thing that sets Butler steel buildings apart is the rich research and development program. Butler has been perfecting its steel building design for nearly 120 years. Throughout that time, they have held over 50 patents, including the first featherweight standing-seam metal roof.

Butler has many tests focusing on product strength, efficiency, and longevity. These include full-scale load tests for frames, beams, and complex structures, acid rain tests, wind uplift tests, 1,000 hours of paint tests, and real-time tests to validate pain performance for up to 25 years or more.

All the R&D knowledge of Butler translates into Butler steel buildings, giving them the edge over other facilities in the market.

Experts Oversight

Butler connects you with experts from the Butler Builder network. They are an expert system of design-build contractors in regions like Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America. There are Butler Builder networks for local and government projects. Using their methods, these Builders will help you efficiently bring your Butler steel building project to fruition.

Build Your Butler Steel Building With MGM Construction!

MGM Construction is your expert partner in creating a Butler steel building. We are an integrity-based, full-service general construction company that will work with you to provide a finished product that meets your needs and industry standards.

In 2007, MGM Construction built a new 34,000-sq. ft. Butler building for Connex Inc. to help them enhance their product line and efficiency. We can also help you develop your facilities using our expertise, tools, and skills! We use the world’s finest materials to ensure the quality of all our finished products.

Let our experts help you! Contact us today, or request a quote.