Large warehouses, like Rome, aren’t built in a day. Often, many customers realize they need more floor space, for production or even just storage, when their businesses have expanded enough to strain their current locations.

How can you get accurate warehouse construction quickly? How can you craft a building for your particular needs in any reasonable amount of time?

Building a warehouse takes a lot of time and effort, but businesses must get their business operations up and running to meet customer needs. In these situations, we suggest metal building systems for their customization and quick completion times.

Stay with us, and we’ll help you explore how you can get the space you need quickly and safely with a PEMB, or Pre-engineered metal building.

What are Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB)?

PEMBs are steel structures made in a factory and assembled on-site. They come with everything needed, such as framing, roof and wall panels, plus extras like doors and windows. You can tweak PEMBs to fit your project’s needs, from size and shape to how they look.

With a Butler Builder, like MGM General Construction, you get access to well-tested building systems and a full range of components to craft a unique, energy-efficient, and quickly constructed PEMB.

Faster Construction Time

PEMBs can help you build warehouses faster than other methods. That’s because PEMBs are made in a factory, where they are cut, drilled, welded, and painted accurately. This means our teams don’t have to do these things on the site, which can save you time and money.

PEMBs arrive on your worksite in the order they should be constructed. Once shipments are verified for accuracy and complete parts, we arrange the worksite so our crews have what they need, where they need it, and can swiftly and accurately erect your steel building.

Better Design Efficiency

One of the greatest things about PEMBs is their designs are flexible and efficient.

They’re made up of standardized systems that can be mixed and matched to fit different needs. You can customize them in many ways, like changing their size, shape, or layout. Plus, they’re built to handle various conditions, like strong winds or heavy snow.

PEMBs are also designed using fancy computer programs that make them strong but use less material. That means they’re lighter, cheaper to put up, and last longer than regular buildings. With fewer repairs, they’re a smart choice for the long run.

Increased Sustainability

PEMBs are also an eco-friendly choice for warehouse construction. They’re made from steel, one of the world’s most recycled materials. Steel can be reused and recycled endlessly without losing its strength and quality. This reduces the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of new steel production.

Additionally, PEMBs can incorporate various green features, such as insulation, ventilation, skylights, solar panels, and rainwater harvesting systems. These can improve the warehouses’ thermal efficiency and indoor air quality and reduce operating costs and carbon footprints. PEMBs can be easily dismantled and relocated, reducing waste generation and land use impact.

How Do You Choose the Right PEMBs for Your Warehouse Project?

Choosing the right PEMB for your warehouse project is crucial to ensuring that it meets your needs and expectations. There are several factors that you should consider before making a decision, such as:

  • The size and shape of your warehouse
  • The type and quantity of goods that you need to store
  • The loading and unloading requirements
  • The climate and weather conditions of your location
  • The local building codes and regulations
  • The aesthetic and functional preferences

You should also consult a reputable and experienced PEMB provider who can guide you through the process and offer you the best solution for your warehouse project. For example, MGM Construction is a Butler Builder®, and part of Butler Manufacturing’s™ extensive network of trusted, educated, and experienced steel building contractors.

PEMBs are a smart and innovative solution for warehouse construction. They can speed up the project completion, improve the design efficiency, and increase the sustainability of the buildings. They can also meet the diverse and dynamic needs of the warehousing industry and provide a competitive edge to businesses.

MGM General Construction Corporation is your ultimate choice for a dependable and seasoned collaborator in your warehouse development endeavor. Contact us today to get a free quote and consultation.

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