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A Guide to Design-Build Construction

the guide to design build construction

I’m sure we’re on the same page about the top challenges of commercial and industrial construction: cost overruns, delays, and a lack of innovative solutions. What if I told you there’s another way to build?

Traditional construction, also known as design-bid-build construction, is generally what clients think of before their first consultation. There is, however, another option.

A delivery method called Design-Build creates a more streamlined approach to your project.

Keep reading to learn more about how this approach to construction ensures your project gets completed on time and to the highest standards.

What Is Design-Build Construction?

In the past, business owners began the construction of a new commercial building by hiring a designer or architect. After completing the design, they finalize the vision and scope of your project.

Now the lengthy bid process begins. You open bidding for contractors to execute the planned design, and they choose subcontractors for what they cannot or will not do on their own. You vet the contractors and decide on who provides the most value for their bid. The lowest bid is not always the best choice.

Any change orders, another name for building plan revisions, now have to go from the building contractor to the different teams. This happens often because the building team has had no input in pre-construction design.

Design-build construction takes a different approach. Instead of managing two contracts simultaneously, project owners now create only one contract with a single team that is responsible for both the design and construction.

This means that there’s a single source of responsibility for the success of the project. Your designer is part of the building team and has input throughout the process, and your building team assists in design to avoid unnecessary change order and delays.

What Are the Benefits of Design-Build Construction?

According to research, design-build construction spending will exhibit a compound annual growth rate of 5.2% over 2022-2026, reaching over $405 billion in 2026. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind this continuing growth projection.

Money Savings

For traditional construction methods, the owner often chooses the lowest bid. Far too often, this results in change orders, miscommunications, and other problems that affect completion.

And research supports that. It shows that the costliest projects usually result from poor communication between different teams. These communication errors have a larger consequence, however.

Work is stopped. New materials are needed. Plans must be redrawn. This all costs a project not just time but added expenses.

Design-build shows that by having your building designer on the same team, and both teams having input in design and planning, we can ensure the highest quality construction for your budget.

Value Engineering

Working with your project from the first sketches, our experienced team “value engineers” your project. A process completed during pre-construction, value engineering uses data and our builder’s knowledge to find you the ideal combination of building components for the highest value outcome.

Basically, we can plan to use components for this specific application that give you the most for your money. Some contracts even have stipulations to further incentivize places where we can save you money with a shared savings clause.

This process also creates a situation ripe for innovation. Our team is made up of experienced, perceptive craftsmen. They work together to plan for unique projects, bring learned knowledge to familiar concepts, and develop creative solutions to your facility’s challenges.

Close Out

At MGM General Construction Corporation, we fully embrace the design-build approach. We value collaboration and transparency, and these values are the ones that enable us to provide high-quality and innovative projects that fit your unique needs.

Also, as a Butler Builder®, we’re part of the network of the United States’s top Pre-engineered metal building contractors, partnered with industry leader Butler Manufacturing™.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards and use the latest technology and innovation for the highest value buildings money can buy.

Embrace the future of the construction industry, and contact us today to book a consultation!