For over 120 years, the Butler® building systems pioneered by Butler Manufacturing™ have been an innovative solution to the architecturally challenging, costly, and time-consuming process of building a commercial structure. Many companies and building owners choose this system as the most logical option for making a versatile and durable metal building that is cost-effective, aesthetically appealing, and can be fulfilled with a faster turnaround time.

MGM Construction takes pride in being a trusted supplier of Butler® buildings in the growing industrial market in Northwest Pennsylvania. We highly give credence to the convenience of Butler® building systems in creating high-quality, pre-engineered steel or metal building materials that satisfy our customer’s demands and preferences.

The Butler Difference

Butler Manufacturing™ believes that everything becomes a tool for building. With this principle in mind, they never cease to find answers, create solutions for different building design requirements, and produce new products and technology.

MGM Construction is one with Butler Manufacturing™ in practicing this perspective and delivering the best solutions to our customers. With MGM Constructions’s Butler® building systems and our impeccable customer support, you can count on us to deliver the “Butler® difference, which includes:

Proven Building Quality

The Butler® building systems are engineered to exact specifications, top-notch installation, and superior building performance. All building components in the system are made to last compared to other products. MGM Construction provides metal Butler® building products and capabilities, including

  • MR-24 Roof System (factory-punched roof panels with precision alignment).
  • MR-24 Roof System Clip (holds the standing-seam roof panels to the supporting structural members).
  • Staggered Panel Splices (allows roof system to be more impervious to leaks than the usual four corners adjoining).
  • Weathertight Seams (features a 360-degree Pittsburgh double-lock seam that is 180° mechanically field and rolled to ensure weathertightness).
  • Kynar 500® (Arkema) and Hylar 5000® (Solvay Solexis) Finishes (standard variety of paint finish on all metal Butler® building products).
  • Flexible Ridges (unique ridge with a single exposed fastener for leak protection, rust-proof, and cost-efficient installation).
  • Gable Trims (requires 85% fewer fasteners designed to expand and contract with temperature changes).
  • Steel Rod Bracing (ensures sturdy building backbone over time compared to the usual rope and cable barking, which are less durable).
  • Acrylic-Coated Structurals (acrylic-coated, galvanized C/Z structural members for a brighter interior finish superior to red oxide primer).
  • Butlerib® II Roof And Wall System Fasteners (Scrubolt™ fasteners for better pullout strength and exclusive Lock-Rivet™ for enhanced weathertight performance).
  • Roof Curb Solution (precision-engineered internal flange design that conceals fasteners within the curb and eliminates leaks).
  • Industry-Leading Warranties (Butler-Cote™ roof and wall panel full 25 years warranty with no prorating).

Built-In Lifetime Savings

Butler® building systems boast excellent energy efficiency and cost-friendly maintenance and replacement.

Using Butler® Guarded Hot Box, a state-of-the-art computerized data acquisition system that provides accurate insulating information, the roof, and wall assemblies are tested for U-value performance to ensure thermal efficiency. In addition, “cool roofs” energy codes are observed through a spectrum of 25-year warranty color finishes. These paint finishes lower roof temperatures and mitigates the energy costs for cooling a building by as much as 30%.

Butler®’s MR-24® roof system has twice the longevity and can reduce maintenance costs by 90% than other conventional roofing materials. The guaranteed 25-year warranty protection for paint finish, trims, and roof and wall panels secure savings on maintenance or replacement caused by peeling, cracking, and chipping.

Truly, Butler® building systems offer lifetime savings from energy cost, maintenance, and replacement. To add to these benefits, MGM Construction can guide you with the decisions you make during the building design phase, which has a major impact on your Butler® building costs. With our Butler® building systems, we can assure you with options that are energy efficient and long-lasting to help you minimize your total cost of ownership.

Leading Design Capabilities

Butler® building systems offer conventional building options, systems flexibility, and the appropriate technology to get the design exactly right!

Butler® building systems offer the most extensive and customizable product line that meets both aesthetic and functional design varieties. In addition, there are also conventional steel Butler® building services that also showcase limitless design options. Using 3D design technology, accurate visualization, and flexible design adjustments on your building is possible! This helps to keep the cost down and do the project on schedule.

At MGM Construction, we understand that your building impacts your business and your brand. Constructing a Butler® building according to your preferences will result in an environment that can attract and retain clients and employees. Moreover, the overall outcome of your building can control your future operating costs. For these reasons, we have a steadfast desire to design and build you the building of your dreams!

Pioneering Innovations

As the pioneers in steel Butler® building innovations, Butler Manufacturing™ allows dealers like MGM Construction to benefit from their top-of-the-line Butler® building systems by providing us with the following advantages:

  • Reduced project risk. MGM Construction utilizes Butler® digital tools to have a better line of sight on all the building components. From the initial design to tracking orders and shipments to accessing electronic drawings, we are confident that we can mitigate all project risks and deliver outstanding results.
  • Streamlined building erection. Following the design-build construction method for single-source responsibility and greater control, MGM Construction is capable of achieving quick turnaround time in any Butler® building projects we handle. The Butler® building systems product innovations, structural systems designs, insulation systems, and support are all engineered to deliver significant time savings and minimize field labor costs.
  • Better worker safety. The safety of our workers is at the top of our priorities. To keep them safe on every project, MGM Construction utilizes the fall support system of Butler Manufacturing™ provided to all partner dealers. This fall protection greatly reduces fall injuries and fatalities.
  • Bay sizes up to 60 ft. Butler Manufacturing™ developed a Butler® exclusive structural system for Butler® dealers. MGM Construction has the opportunity to take advantage of the longest bay sizes in the industry that increase usable floor space for ease of work on the job site.
  • U-factors as low as .029. Another impressive innovation of Butler® metal buildings is the insulation system that help meets energy code requirements and provides better blanket insulation performance. This system adds confidence to MGM Construction and ensures we only deliver compliant and high-quality finished Butler® buildings.

Dedication To Research And Development

Behind every Butler® building systems project is a rich research and development program. With over 50 patents developed, including the first featherweight standing-seam metal roof, Butler® knows no limitations in perfecting its steel building design and components and constantly pushes boundaries to deliver the finest Butler® building solutions and create unique custom building designs suitable for any building needs.

MGM Construction takes pride in knowing that the Butler® building systems we offer to our customers are backed up with dedicated research and development efforts. Over the years, Butler Manufacturing™ has developed Butler® has many tests focusing on the building’s strength, efficiency, and lifespan. These tests include but are not limited to full-scale load tests for frames, beams, and complex structures, acid rain tests, wind uplift tests, 1,000 hours of paint tests, and paint performance tests for 25 years of guaranteed protection.

Expertise and Accountability At Every Step

MGM Construction understands that a successful Butler® building project is possible with a team you can trust to have your best interests in mind. As a trusted partner dealer of Butler® building systems, MGM Construction has access to expert systems in broad locations like the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. There are Butler® builder networks for local and government projects that conduct open communication and consultation and give expert advice to bring a successful Butler® building systems project efficiently.

MGM Construction’s Successful Butler Building Projects

We at MGM Construction have proven our expertise in Butler® metal and steel buildings. Our partnership with Butler Manufacturing™ allows us to distribute a large number of resources and products that are of second quality to none!

Since 1901, Butler Manufacturing™ has been challenging the metal building status quo by creating Butler® building systems that offer innovative and versatile solutions for building owners. MGM Construction adapted these building systems and successfully installed Butler® metal buildings in several projects we handled over the years. Here are a few of our Butler® building projects:

Connex Butler® Building Project
Butler® Building Systems for Hanes Erie, Inc. – Fairview Business Park Project
Butler® Manufacturing, Pre-Engineered Metal Building for VA Medical Center
Butler® Building Addition for Hydro-Pac, Inc.

MGM Construction Is Your Trusted Butler Building Systems Dealer and Service Provider

If you are looking for a trusted Butler® dealer and builder that can install Butler® building solutions for your new or existing commercial establishments, MGM General Construction can help! Our combined leadership experience of 80 years in the construction business allows us to achieve in-depth knowledge regarding myriad types, sizes, and complexities of construction projects, including steel Butler® building projects. We have completed over 3,000 construction jobs throughout the Pennsylvania region.

No matter what type of project you have, from design-build needs to general construction to Butler® building projects, MGM Construction is ready to provide solutions to your needs every step of the way until we make your design and construction goals a successful reality!

Contact us to learn more about our capabilities. You may also request a quote for your next building project.