Outdoor activities are becoming more and more popular in the US, with the sector having a 4.8% growth in 2022. This increase has led to the growth of indoor and outdoor recreational spaces. In this landscape of evolving recreation, the construction of these spaces becomes a pivotal element in shaping individual and community experiences.

Here’s a look at why metal buildings can be the perfect choice for building recreation spaces across a wide variety of industries.

The Power of Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are not only renowned for their resilience but also their malleability, which enables the construction of diverse recreational structures for many different businesses.

From pavilions to covered playgrounds, the applications of metal buildings are boundless. Pre-engineered metal buildings are becoming the preferred choice for these structures because they provide a range of benefits:

  • Design Flexibility: From soaring arches to intricate cladding and airy trusses, metal buildings offer a canvas for architects and designers to bring their vision to life. All of these design options can create a sense of openness. With clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, metal buildings can also seamlessly blend with the natural environment. This can enhance the overall experience for your customers and clients.
  • Unmatched Durability: Metal buildings stand firm against the elements, weathering storms, the sun, and even the occasional accidental collision. This translates to lower maintenance costs and ensures your recreational space remains resilient for years.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike traditional wood or brick structures, metal buildings require minimal upkeep. Their inherent resistance to rot, corrosion, and pests means less repair time. By keeping the recreational space open and functional longer, you can also increase the profit margins of the space.
  • Sustainability and Cost-Effectiveness: There is a growing emphasis on environmentally conscious construction practices. Metal buildings offer a sustainable alternative due to their recyclability and potential for energy efficiency. Moreover, metal buildings contribute to long-term cost savings, making them an economically favorable choice.
  • Faster Construction: The prefabricated components of PEMB facilitate faster installation, reducing downtime and minimizing disruptions to the surrounding community. A shorter construction time also means lower labor costs and overall project expenses.

Perfect for All Recreational Spaces

Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) are the powerhouses behind open-air and indoor recreational spaces. Metal structures can be perfect for:

  1. Community Pavilions: Whether it’s a bustling farmers’ market, a lively summer concert, or a tranquil yoga session, these structures offer the flexibility to adapt to diverse community needs. The soaring arches and airy trusses create a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging shared experiences.
  2. Covered Playgrounds: The malleability of metal allows for creating safe, imaginative play spaces. From colorful designs to interactive features, these structures foster a sense of wonder while ensuring the safety and longevity of the play area.
  3. Picnic Pavilions: Picnic areas become inviting havens under the shelter of PEMB-crafted pavilions. Families and friends can gather, share meals, and create lasting memories in a space that combines the beauty of the outdoors with the strength of metal.
  4. Trampoline Parks: The design flexibility of metal buildings allows for vast, open spaces where enthusiasts can soar and flip. You can create tall ceilings with ample clearance for jumps, while the steel frame’s strength ensures participants’ safety.
  5. Equestrian Centers: Metal structures provide the perfect frame for spacious, well-ventilated arenas where horses and riders can move freely. The open-air design allows for natural light and ventilation, creating a healthy and comfortable environment.

PEMB’s inherent durability and design flexibility make them ideal for various recreational spaces. However, choosing the right partner is vital to reap the most benefits. MGM General Construction Corporation can work with you to understand and turn your vision into reality. With years of construction experience, our team can offer full-service pre-engineered metal building solutions. Contact us today to learn more!

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