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MGM General Construction Corporation is a full-service general contracting company in Northwest, PA. As a proud Butler Builder, we provide our clients with high-quality, pre-engineered metal building solutions for single-story, multi-story, and industrial structures.

What Is the Butler Building System?

The Butler Building System is a construction engineering solution ideal for high-end and massive constructions, such as commercial facilities, high-rise buildings, and multiple-building complexes. It offers a faster, safer, more affordable, and more architecturally aesthetic building solution than traditional construction practices.

This building solution provides high-performing roof structures, metal walls, flooring systems, structural components, and insulating systems that are delivered complete or assembled onsite. In addition, it comes with pre-engineered metal building system integration and structural design support for large complexes.

How Much Does a Butler Building Cost?

There are many factors to consider before attaching a price tag to the investment cost for Butler Building Systems. For instance, energy efficiency and longer lifespan directly affect the cost of owning metal Butler buildings.

These factors include the following:

Total Cost of Ownership

Steel construction manufacturing costs constantly change; the same is true with the Butler pre-engineered building solution. Thus, many factors go into the total ownership cost, such as longevity, usefulness, warranties, and brand prestige. However, you can consult MGM Construction to determine a more concrete breakdown of the total cost of owning Butler Building Systems.

Energy Efficiency

The common ROI is six to one for every dollar spent on energy efficiency and code compliance. Various energy-efficient roof and wall systems that can meet and exceed these numbers are available from MGM Butler Buildings.

Butler Manufacturing’s roofing solutions can lower roof temperatures and require 30% less energy to cool down a structure. In addition, cool roofs reduce the heat island effect, which raises the relative temperatures in metropolitan areas.

Maintenance Costs

Up to 90% of a building’s total cost is incurred after construction. Thus, selecting alternatives with long lifespans and low maintenance requirements can greatly impact future budgets.

The maintenance needed for steel Butler Buildings is minimal to nonexistent. In contrast to standard roof materials, the MR-24® roof system can extend roof lifespan by up to two times and cut maintenance expenses by 90%.

For the Butler system’s painted roof panels, wall panels, and trimmings, a warranty against blistering, peeling, cracking, and chipping is also available.

Replacement Costs

Similar to the cost of acquiring a complete Butler system, the specific amount for maintenance and replacement parts vary depending on the steel and metal price. MGM Construction can provide quotes and estimates for genuine replacement parts and accessories for your business’s specific butler system.

Cost-Effective Building Solutions From MGM Construction

With 30 years of experience in the construction industry, MGM Construction continues to provide sustainable, accessible, safe, and cost-effective Butler metal buildings in the Northwest regions.

We combine practical experience with traditional textbook design to provide the best value service, including assistance with financial planning for your construction project and engineering solutions. In addition, we design with cost segmentation in mind to help our clients get their money’s worth with Building Butler Systems.

Our partnership with Butler Manufacturing offers a vast pool of products, personnel, and engineering expertise. Contact us today or request a quote on our Butler System and other services!

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