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Beyond having a sophisticated facility that impresses visitors, clients, and employees, a building should be solidly and cleanly constructed to withstand years of use with minimal upkeep.

With MGM Construction, we can assist you in achieving beautiful, pleasant, and suitable facilities that will save you money on maintenance costs. Our metal Butler building services produce pre-engineered buildings using high-quality roofing, insulation, and structural materials to deliver a durable metal building solution.

Here are some reasons to convince you why you should choose MGM Construction to plan, design, and build Butler metal buildings for you!

Proven Building Quality

It is only possible for a structure to be sturdy if its components are of the highest quality and skillfully crafted. The quality and durability of even the most minor building components are enhanced through an inventive approach. It is of the utmost importance to ensure that your facility is engineered especially for its intended use and functions.

Flexible assembly is always a top priority for MGM Construction. We meticulously plan the parts’ design, materials, and construction methods. For example, all roof panels and structural members of the MR-24® roof system were perforated to ensure precise alignment. Other strategies we employ in our construction and roofing services include the following:

  • MR-24 Roof System Clip
  • Staggered Panel Splices
  • Weathertight Seams
  • Kynar 500® And Hylar 5000® Finishes
  • Flexible Ridges
  • Gable Trims
  • Steel Rod Bracing
  • Acrylic-Coated Structurals
  • Butlerib® II Roof And Wall System Fasteners
  • Roof Curb Solution
  • Industry-Leading Warranties

Lifetime Savings

Well-built structures mean fewer problems and costs. With MGM Construction Butler metal buildings, you can get your money back where it belongs—in your pocket. Our energy-efficient building assemblies and durable structures help us achieve this goal. Our roof and wall solutions meet or exceed code requirements for energy efficiency. Using the Butler Guarded Hot Box, an advanced automated data collection system for more precise insulation reading, the U-factor performance of the roof and walls is evaluated.

Additionally, we provide 25-year color treatments that meet energy regulations for “cool roofs” in terms of reflectance and emissivity. These items reduce roof temperatures and cooling energy by 30% and effectively mitigate the urban heat island effect, which contributes to smog.

The customer’s expenses typically do not end once the building has been finished. However, you need not worry about expensive upkeep and repair with MGM Construction. Our painted roof panels, wall panels, and trim have a 25-year warranty against burning, peeling, cracking, and chipping. These products are durable and low-maintenance.

Leading Design Capabilities

The building’s design creates the first impression your customers get of your brand, and MGM Construction recognizes that this can affect how you can effectively retain your customers and staff.

With us, we make every effort to help you obtain the desired Butler metal building appearance. We have the industry’s most complete product line and can adapt building systems to satisfy aesthetic and practical design objectives. Our conventional steel services help us achieve this by offering nearly endless design alternatives. We also have technologies to assist you in picturing your new building early in the planning and decision-making.

Pioneering Innovations

Being innovative is one of the most important things any business should aspire to be to help provide more convenient and quality outputs to its clients. Additionally, innovation benefits the organization, employees, and clients. Progressive ideas and methods boost construction speed, worker safety, building functionality, and installation timelines.

MGM Construction is proud to be the first to market with game-changing technologies like the world’s first weathertight standing-seam metal roof. We are always motivated to produce groundbreaking methods and solutions to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

Research And Development

Being innovative is one of the essential qualities for organizations to strive for, which allows you to provide clients with more convenient and high-quality output. Innovation also benefits the company and its employees, as revolutionary ideas and methods enhance construction speed, worker safety, building functionality, and installation timelines.

We are proud to be the first to introduce the world’s first watertight standing-seam metal roof. Milestones like this constantly motivate us to innovate our output to impress and satisfy our clients to the highest level.

Expertise And Accountabilities

It takes a great team and proven expertise to build the ambitious building or facility you have in mind. At MGM Construction, we ensure you can talk to our trustworthy team members about your needs and requirements for your construction.

Since 1901, we’ve significantly improved our products and processes, which have helped us provide better solutions. Our partnerships and certifications with recognized organizations confirm we operate at the highest ethical, legal, and technical standards.

Build Better Butler Metal Buildings With Us

Your choices during the building design phase will significantly impact your annual operating costs. With MGM Construction, every little detail is meticulously designed and tailored to your specifications. We build your business and industry’s facilities with flexibility, quality, swift service, and accommodation. We ensure you get the best Butler metal building services with MGM Construction. Call us now to discuss your project and get started!


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